Plenty to fall for this autumn | Trending

THE LOOK: As the temperature drops and we throw on more layers, it's shades of orange that'll really pop this autumn. Photo: Shutterstock.
THE LOOK: As the temperature drops and we throw on more layers, it's shades of orange that'll really pop this autumn. Photo: Shutterstock.

This season's greatest hits, featuring a smattering of new stuff and other things in vogue.

Leona Edmiston ruby frill wrap dress, $89.99. Queen of the frock in the 2000s, this revered Australian designer's new Midnight Blues collection is available at a retailer and price point that makes it attainable to everyday, fashion-savvy folk.

Wallabee shoes, $329.95. Britain's iconic company has teamed up with New York-based Aimé Leon Dore to reimagine its classic shoe design. Available in four high fashion colours, and handmade in Portugal from Italian wool and European leather bindings, they epitomise this autumn's style.

Hugo Bow occasional chair, $1605. Popular among interior aficionados, bouclé continues its reign as the must-have texture. Used in interiors and fashion, this versatile fabric has a soft teddy bear-like appearance that makes it extra cosy.

House & Home tortoiseshell vase, $15. A new nod to yesteryear sees people embracing trends enjoyed by past generations. Think retro vases, upcycled vintage furniture and soft florals, mixed with modern stylings and creatively christened grandmillennial.

Milk chocolate caramel squares, $8 for eight. Any time a new chocolate hits the supermarket shelves is a good excuse for a taste test. This one boasts of rich honey notes and natural caramel flavours that are equally rich and velvety.

Oiva/Koppa serving dish, $99. A quintessential Japandi piece if ever there was one. This beautiful stoneware dish could be used for either decorative or practical purposes. marimkekko.com_au_en

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Towel zip through tracksuit, $90. With the staycation still a reality for many, this retro-style tracksuit is a refreshing option if you love the athleisure look.

Guava, Strawberry and Vanilla soda, $12. One of three fizzy, fruity flavours that have been crafted to provide a restaurant experience from the comfort of home. Each flavour can be enjoyed alone, or used to create your new favourite mocktail.

Kiri MK2 low flow wall shower on modern arm, $261. An added touch of luxury at home, this shower head delivers more than 300,000 droplets of water per second for an invigorating shower, while also keeping water efficiency in mind.

Easter bucket, $12. Artist Jocelyn Proust's hand drawn illustrations have been integrated through an Easter-themed range of products that are ideal for bringing additional joy to the holiday this April.

Desert Rosewood fragrance, $229. A heavenly shade of orange, the scent combines the sweetness of mandarin and vanilla, before settling into an exotic blend of wood and spices.