Letter to the editor: What is going on with the Council gardens?

Dear editor,

Particularly at springtime, the amazing verge-side plantings in the town precinct of Grenfell are a joy to behold.

They have been a really impressive over the years with a welcome feel for the residents and visitors of Grenfell.

However, this spring, there is a dramatic, and shocking change.

The verges have very few remaining flowers, many weeds, and whole beds are just orange, poisoned-out wrecks.

One would think that in a pandemic, street-side plantings would be a priority to help keep up the spirits of residents.

But, all around, these sites are as depressing as looking into the dishevelled garden of someone who's passed away.

There is no good reason for Grenfell to be looking like this. We are a vibrant and welcoming town.

This is public land that was, until recently, most visibly cared for by Shire outdoor staff.

Weddin Shire is not broke. Far from it, lots of improvements are in train.

What has happened?

Yours faithfully,

Diane Donohue - Resident of Weddin Shire