Weddin Shire Council thanks staff and health workers

Weddin Shire Council has thanked not only its staff but locals working in the health industry for all of their hard work through the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the June Council meeting Weddin Shire Council General Manager Glen Carroll again thanked all of the Council staff who have continued to maintain services and keep Council running throughout the shutdown period and the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

"As you are aware it's been ongoing for quite a few months and we are doing our very best to keep our services going," Mr Carroll said.

"With the gradual lifting of restrictions we are reopening services bit by bit. The library has been phased back in, the art gallery will be closed probably until July or August, the caravan park has reopened and the Grenfell Museum will also be closed for a short term."

Mr Carroll believes given the circumstances employees have handled the unprecedented situation to the best of their abilities and should be thanked for their continued hard work.

"By and large I think we are doing quite well," he said. "It's been unforeseen, it's the first we've ever experienced this sort of thing and I think we've done very well, especially the indoor and outdoor staff.

"Those groups have done very well to keep the front office open and also to keep maintaining our services."

Mayor Mark Liebich echoed Mr Carroll's sentiments thanking the staff on behalf of the councillors.

"I would just like to say on behalf of the councillors to say a thank you to the staff for the work that they are doing through this difficult time," Cr Liebich said.

"It's been a tough ask but everybody has gone in to bat and they have stayed at work they are social distancing which works well and above that what's happening in NSW and the Government in Australia I think we've done an excellent job compared to the way things are happening in the rest of the world."

Cr Carly Brown also wanted to note the local health services and thank the staff and workers for all of their hard work and dedication as well.

"I know that all of our health services have done a fabulous job and I know that they have been under significant stress," she said. "I have talked to a few people up at the Health Service who are friends and community members and I think everybody should be applauded who works in health in the Weddin Shire throughout this COVID-19 period."