Students aim for the future

The Country Education Foundation of Grenfell has made a difference to youth of the Weddin Shire through community support and donations and continue to do so.

On Saturday, February 1, 25 of our local young people presented themselves at Grenfell Bowling Club to explain their career paths, their goals, and the level of support they needed to get there to the three interview panels made up of local CEF members and community reps.

Graeme and Lesley Cox, travelled from Sydney and were amazed by how well the youth spoke and their sense of where they were going and their strong connection to their community.

Graeme and Lesley have made very generous donations over the last few years, committed to seeing rural youth have opportunities to fulfill their potential.

As a result of the committee's work in 2019 in spreading the stories of what CEF does here in Grenfell, many donations were given from both Grenfell individuals and organisations, and increasingly with donations from beyond including the Thyne Reid Foundation supporting communities in drought.

This year our 2019 fundraising of $35,000 was committed in scholarship to these 25 students.

More funds are anticipated as universities, including Charles Sturt Three Rivers Allied Health program, send out their co- funding. More great news for our recipients.

We were very excited to be able to make a substantial difference to some students and give others that encouragement to take up or continue the challenges of learning and living away from home.

So as our 2020 recipients start their academic year at TAFE or university, the committee will be back to focusing on raising funds for the 2021 scholarships.

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