Don't waste a drop of water inside

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Residents of Weddin Shire are limited to Level 4 water restrictions - but only if you have a garden!

No where does it say: limit your shower, limit your clothes washing, limit your toilet flushing - just don't water your garden, wash your walls or your car!

I have measured, by placing a container in the shower recess, just how much water I waste while the temperature becomes "just right" - It's a huge amount that I am now putting in to the washing machine for the next full load.

The water from the rinse cycle can be let out into an Otto bin that can be emptied on to some poor suffering plants.

The toilet flush has been reduced by "if it's yellow, let it mellow- if it's brown, flush it down!"

Grandparents had a wash up dish that fitted in the sink, so instead of letting waste water go down the drain, it was collected and yes - you guessed it - put on the pot plants.

Grubby plates can be wiped with paper towel before putting in the dishwasher on the shortest, economy cycle.

We understand that in this time of dreadful drought we can all help by using less water but let conservation happen INSIDE the house as well as outside!

Pam Livingstone

- the water miser


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