Grenfell Pre-school gets mobile with announcement

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke visited Grenfell this week to present a $140,000 cheque to one of her "favourite preschools".

Ms Cooke was speaking at the Grenfell Pre-School where she presented the cheque which will be used for mobile pre-school and school travel.

"This enables us to ensure more children have access to pre-school," Ms Cooke said during the announcement.

"We know how important those early years are, they are absolutely critical.

"These little ones are our future and we have a lot of them, both here in Grenfell and in the surrounding villages.

"It gives me great pleasure to present to the pre-school a cheque for $140,000 for a new motor vehicle which will allow mobile pre-school to go out to Bribbaree and Bimbi and also for the little ones (in Grenfell) to go on more excursions.

"The one really great thing about (today's announcement) is that it is mobile, we are investing additionally here but it doesn't matter where the pre-school is this investment goes with it."

The pre-school and Grenfell community are currently campaigning for a new pre-school for the town with Ms Cooke ensuring those present that the fight for funding continues.

She did however warn that "we have been working on that particular project for a relatively short period of time" in comparison to Gundagai where a funding announcement had recently been made.

"My fight for Gundagai was first and foremost," she said.

"I had to get that done, they were incredibly desperate for it and if I couldn't get a pre-school of that magnitude what hope was I have getting any others.

"As for a brand new pre-school, the fight is well and truly on. It will take us a few years to deliver, I need set expectations appropriately around that.

"But here and now what we are able to do with this funding is reach more kids in more locations where they are, where their families are. Where it makes sense for their kids to attend pre-school.

"For these little ones (at Grenfell Pre-school) it means they are able to head out on more excursions and explore much more of this town and shire," Ms Cooke said.

Grenfell Pre-School director Sharon Grant said "I am extremely excited about it".

Without a bus Ms Grant said it was difficult for the school to do simple things like taking the children to a "Wiggles" concert.