A bird's-eye-view of the Double Barred Finch with Jenn Graham | Video

If you visit the Company Dam, you're bound to encounter Double-barred Finches.

These beautiful little birds (11cm/4") need to drink frequently and can't fly very far, so despite the fact that there's little water left in the dam, they're still there.

The falling water level has allowed the grasses to grow and that's what attracts the finches - the grass seeds and the insects that are attracted to the grasses.

Usually seen in groups of around ten foraging on the ground, these are very communal birds and feed, breed, nest, drink and roost together and pair permanently.

At breeding time the male fluffs himself into a ball, sidles up to sit beside his lady and serenades her.

The order of take-off made me laugh, with the first two seeming to say, "Right - that doesn't look too far, let's do it then!" and the last two being very polite - "After you." "No, no dear, after you!"