Quandialla girls doing the district proud | Photos

The Quandialla District Scholarship Committee have named its recipients for its 2019 awards with five local ladies picking up the honours.

Sarah Penfold is in Year 11 at Hennessy Catholic College in Young and was awarded the Year 10 scholarship to assist in her studies for Years 11 and 12.

Emma Dixon is in her final year at Yanco Ag College with the committee wishing Emma all the best as she finishes her final year at high school and completes her HSC exams.

Tiffany Penfold enrolled in a double degree of Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Paramedicine at the Australian Catholic University in Canberra. Tiffany's course will take four years for her to complete.

Growing up in a rural and remote area and currently studying in an urban area has made Tiffany more aware of the disadvantages individuals face in regard to their health care.

Tiffany also concedes that many health professionals are not prepared to live in a rural environment which over time incurs staff shortages and ultimately impacts on the health of people living in rural areas.

Tiffany is proud of her rural background and once qualified hopes to be able to move back to a rural area and participate in advocacy for better health care for rural people by either practicing as a nurse or paramedic.

Caitlin Dixon is in her first year of study at the University of Canberra where she is studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Health and Physical Education). Caitlin will study for four years before she completes her course.

On completion of her course Caitlin hopes to be able to obtain a teaching position in a rural area.

Caitlin is very appreciative of having had the opportunity to attend a small country school where she feels she was given greater assistance and encouragement in comparison to students she has now met who attended larger schools in metropolitan areas.

With this appreciation of her school education and her teachers it has encouraged her to choose a career in teaching where she hopes to be able to repay the knowledge that was given to her and in turn pass this on to future students.

Bridgette Penfold is in her third year of a double degree of a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws at the University of Canberra.

For Bridgette's arts component of her degree she is majoring in psychology and international studies.

Through her psychology major she is learning about how and why people think the way they do and specialising in particular areas such as how people learn.

Through her international major Bridgette is learning about the increasing impact of globalisation and the mechanisims and procedures of the international system.

For Bridgette's law degree she is covering each of the eleven Priestly units which are compulsory for legal practice as well as choosing multiple law electives to increase her understanding and expertise in the area of law.

Through completing a double degree in law and arts, Bridgette is gaining an expert knowledge on how the law works which is complemented through and through understanding of the international system as well as how to interact with individuals.

Bridgette's passion to study a law degree stems back to her time at Quandialla Central School where she was an active participant in public speaking and debating.

The Quandialla District Scholarship Committee is proud to b able to continue supporting our local students and the Committee wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate Sarah, Emma, Tiffany, Caitlin and Bridgette as they continue with their studies and along with our community, we look forward to hearing of their future achievements.

The committee is especially grateful for the financial contributions from Cowal Gold Operations - Evolution (Cowal) Ltd, Central Tablelands Water, Quandialla Public School and Delta Agribusiness.

The Quandiall District Scholarship Committee has five scholarships available each year.

Applications can be made for a Year 10 Scholarship, TAFE Scholarship (short-term), TAFE Scholarship (long-term), University Scholarship (First Year of Study) and a University Scholarship (Second and Further Year of Study).

For further information on applying for scholarships or if you wish to donate to the Quandialla District Scholarship Committee and in turn help our local students fulfill their dreams please contact the secretary Narelle Gault on 6347 1294 ah.