A great start to the term for St Joseph's in Grenfell

What a great start to Term 2 it has been! The senior students who have visited the elderly at the Grenfell Multi-Purpose Centre thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The Athletics Carnival was a successful day for all participants with glorious weather. National Simultaneous Story Time was yet another fun event. The students listened to the hilarious story titled 'Alpacas with Maracas', written and illustrated by Matt Cosgrove, read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops, and many other places, at the same time around the country.

In Religious Education, the students will come to know Jesus Christ, human and divine, and ways to live out the Gospel. They will learn how the four Gospels are central to the prayer and teaching of the Church. The students will come to know that each of the Gospels provides a distinct insight into the person and ministry of Jesus as they were written by different authors for different audiences and purposes. They will learn that Jesus recognised the marginalised and responded to their needs, and how we are challenged to do the same.

This term, in English, the students will be learning about Government. This is linked to our History unit. The tasks in all strands of English will relate to the topic. The students will learn to jointly, and then independently, construct a recount, an explanation and an exposition. The reading tasks will aim to develop the students' reading skills, and deepen their understanding of the organisational structures of different types of texts. The students will also engage in speaking and listening tasks to develop their skills by participating in a class version of question time, and a debate, to name a few.

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