NSW Farmers Association Grenfell branch

The Grenfell branch of the NSW Farmers Association has invited Mr Philip Blackmore, Invasive Weed Specialist – Dept of Primary Industries (DPI), to speak as a weeds forum which will be held in the Grenfell Bowling Club dining room on Thursday September 27 at 7pm.

Philip Blackmore, based in Armidale DPI, now has the role formerly headed by Dr Peter Turner Invasive Weeds Specialist at the DPI Orange.

Philip will address the forum on recent changes made to the Invasive Weeds Act, and the expectations of all landholders, both large and small, as well as all Govt. agencies including:

National Parks – 

State Forests – 

Local Land Services – 

Shires – 

Rail corridors etc. 

There is a greater expectation of all landholders to comply more so than in the past due to the increase in fines for failing to do so.

Adding to the invasive weeds risk is the current drought.

With the dry weather set to continue, all types of grain and hay, along with other stock feed sources, are being brought in from outside areas as well as interstate.

People purchasing these products are asked to be diligent when assessing the weed contamination risk associated.

Pattesens Curse.

Pattesens Curse.

There will be a question and answer session to follow Philip’s address.

The forum is open to all landholders, as well as NSW Farmer members.

It is an opportunity for all landholders to be better informed regarding the recent amendments to the Invasive Weeds Act.

Better still the opportunity to put forward your ideas and suggestions to the forum for consideration, and to actively participate towards the input the local NSW Farmers branch has been asked to contribute to the Weddin Shire’s weeds review which is currently in progress.

Harvey Matthews – 

NSW Farmers Association

Chairman – Grenfell Branch

To find out more about this informative forum please contact NSW Farmers Association –  Grenfell Branch Chairman Harvey Matthews on 0417 425 567 or Secretary Daniel Cooper on 0400 000 334.


For information on Invasive Weeds within the Weddin Shire visit: http://www.weddin.nsw.gov.au/engineering/noxious-weeds