Pollie Crackers

It was pleasing to see the letter from Grenfell’s Cub Scout Leader Howard Hughes in last week’s Record, setting out the state of play with the hall for everyone’s information.

The community has made it clear it wants to see the local Scouts and Guides continue to thrive, and not be railroaded by a more powerful government department.

It may interest people to know that council cannot put conditions on a state government development without the government’s agreement.

Obviously this will make it harder for council to address heritage and amenity issues of any sort, when a development application for the new TAFE college is eventually lodged.



It seems the cricket furore has subsided, for the time being anyway, with all three miscreants declining to challenge their suspensions.

The early announcements by Smith and Bancroft must have put a lot of pressure on Warner who had indicated at his media interview that he was considering his options.

He avoided answering the questions as to whether others were involved, but had he appealed, he would not have been able to so easily evade them.

It is hard not to conclude that others were involved but nobody wants to be the one to finger them.

Feather Duster No 2 (aka Mo) has wagered the writer that the three won’t serve their full time.

Now that they have decided not to appeal, it is quite likely that Cricket Australia might give them time off for “good behaviour.”

We’ll have to wait and see.



That landmark 30th Newspoll has come and gone without the world coming to an end. Not yet, anyway, for Malcolm Turnbull.

To be fair, the economic indicators for the country are all going well and the Coalition is somewhat mystified, if not totally frustrated, that public opinion is not with them.

A major reason seems to be the manoeuvrings of what is called the “A Team” comprising Abbott, Abetz and Andrews with recent reinforcement from the “B Team” featuring Barnaby.

Their widely criticised “Monash Forum” seems nothing more than a disgruntled splinter group within the government.

How you can have a successful team with some players wearing the same guernseys but continually kicking own goals is beyond your poor scribe.

The strangest comment so far was the former deputy PM saying that Turnbull should “do the honourable thing” if he can’t turn things around by Christmas.

I’m not sure if that’s the turn of phrase he should be using.



The readers of Pollie Crackers will be reassured to know that it now has its very own Google-accredited Factchecker, although someone who downplays the significance of a social movement with 800,000 participants because they weren’t all in the same place at the same time could be a worry.

Actually the Factchecker did identify an oversight in the article about the female shooter where your scribe failed to clarify he was referring to recent events.

I must try to do better.

As for any hatred of the POTUS, no way.

Journalists, columnists, commentators, lowly scribes and especially cartoonists all over the world give thanks every day for the man who keeps on giving.

Any bad publicity for the Donald is entirely self-inflicted and often self-tweeted.

On the credit side, his international forays are proceeding much better than matters domestic.

So long as he keeps his hands off that big red button on his desk!

The Factchecker’s main rant was reserved for the article about Pemulwuy: regrettably the language used seems to say more about the writer than the subject.



Is the Feather Duster a Leftie as alleged?

A casual review of recent columns brings up a range of topics including democracy, ethical conduct, control of military weapons, gambling reform, taxation reform, political donations, travel expenses, the Murray-Darling basin, pork barrelling, school classrooms, heritage, health issues and vaccinations.

If the sum of these constitutes the definition of a Leftie, then I’m afraid I’m guilty as charged, your honour.

In reality, the Feather Duster is more of a swinging voter who tries to decide matters on their merits, not by the party concerned, and has a history of voting for each of the major and some minor parties.

Is it that important to be so categorised?



One has to admit it can be difficult for political commentary not to appear biased sometimes when the one party holds government at both the federal and state levels.

However that’s where the power resides, that’s where the important decisions are made and that’s where people are being affected, either favourably or adversely.

If either or both change, then no doubt the critique will change accordingly.

It’s hard to go past the federal government this week so the dedication is “That’s Cooperation” tunelessly sung by Big Bird from Sesame Street.

Feather Duster No 3

T Lobb


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