Grenfell Garden Club news

Grenfell Garden Club held a meeting last Tuesday with a record number attending. The Club was pleased to see some new members join and some past members rejoin.  A lengthy discussion was held on their Poppy Project. So many wonderful events happening, which will culminate on the 11/11, the 100th celebration of the first Armistice Day. 

Remember to plant your seeds next month for full bloom on our Remembrance Day celebrations.

Remember to plant your seeds next month for full bloom on our Remembrance Day celebrations.

Letters of support for the project have been received from the RSL and Historical Society, and the Garden Club are waiting for the outcome of a rescision motion by Council after having received a letter of reply by them, (after writing seeking their support to plant poppies in council gardens)  saying they decline due to maintenance issues.

All schools in the shire have been written to and invited to also be part of the planting, with a favourable outcome. 

The response from community members has been overwhelming , with over 100 locals indicating they would like seeds to plant in their gardens.

A working bee to package the seeds will be held before the end of the month and will be ready for distribution from The Tin Cupboard from April 2, 2018.

Seeds are not to be planted before Anzac Day, as they will flower too early.  They all need to flower at approximately the same period of time, which would be the end of October/beginning of November.    

The knitting/crocheting of poppies is also under way, with many members of the community, past and present, already contributing. Erica, our Librarian, is organising a group at the library on Wednesdays to knit/crochet some, so if you would like to join them, call in and chat to Erica.

The Leisure group on Thursdays has also commenced working on them, as has a group of ladies at the MPS.

These will be displayed in shop windows, Art Gallery and wherever else possible.

Patterns for these are available from The Tin Cupboard, or Google poppy patterns. Any style or size accepted. 

Could you please drop off any completed poppies to Paige at The Tin Cupboard, Chris Lobb or any Garden Club member.

The Schools will also be approached to consider an art project on Poppies For Rememberance and posters would be displayed in shop windows.

There will be an Art Exhibition and competition on canvas held in the Grenfell Art Gallery of poppies, together with a display of WW1 memorabilia and photos, from October 29 to November 19.  Entry forms will be available soon.

It's all happening!

Grenfell should come alive in November with an abundance of red everywhere!