Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I would like to thank the Country Education Foundation Grenfell, for assisting me in my university studies expenses. By being awarded a scholarship I have been able to purchase two nursing textbooks and my practical uniform that must be worn at weekly clinical laboratory lessons whilst at Uni and also on work placement.

University is extremely expensive and being able to balance study and gaining a financial income to support yourself can be very difficult. The CEF Grenfell has been able to take some of the pressure away and made my journey to university a lot easier. The support from those who donate to the CEF is extremely appreciated and I urge others to participate in making our future teachers, doctors, agronomists, scientists, accountants and even nurses time studying at university, TAFE and elsewhere a little less stressful and more affordable by donating.


Grace Kelly – CSU Nursing Student

Former THLHS student Grace Kelly. Photo supplied

Former THLHS student Grace Kelly. Photo supplied