Attention – Horse riders in Grenfell

Weddin Shire Council would like to advise that there is no regulation or legislation under NSW State Government specifically targeting the riding of horses.

Further there are no set rules set within Council’s Local Orders Policy for riding horses within the town on any roadway.

Under the Road Users Handbook (page 58) horse riders and horse drawn vehicles have the right to share any roadway. Responsibility in regard to motorised traffic falls upon the licensed driver of the vehicle. Motorists must take reasonable care and be cautious around any horse that is being ridden, in harness or led on a roadway by:

· slowing down when approaching a horse

· allowing plenty of room between the horse and vehicle

·  passing with caution and within  a distance not to startle or endanger the horse and/or rider

·  not sounding the horn or revving the engine

It would be expected that any person/s riding a horse within town limits would:

·  ride in a manner that would minimise and/or prevent any harm, hazard or accident occurring either to the rider or member of the public

· that the rider would have adequate control over the horse and remain aware of their surrounds

·  ride no more than two abreast.

·  Move off the roadway when another vehicle is approaching onto grass verges where possible

For further inquiries please contact Allison Knowles, WSC Ranger on 02 6343 1540.