Barnaby Joyce really knows how to cause a diversion from the mess the NSW Nationals have created. Troy Grant explained on the radio the other day the Police numbers associated with the re-engineering were not his responsibility. His job was to provide the money for the Police Commissioner to fix it. Well who shut down the greyhounds and forced Council mergers?

Niall Blair is not doing any better with the dysfunctional Local Land Services than Katrina Hodgkinson.  We are now to have NLIS tags in pigs. This is absurd. Other pigs will play with the tags and chew them out. For 60 years we have a tattoo/brand system for all pigs sold or sent to slaughter.  In any bio-security emergency wild pigs will be the problem. My brave little mate the Oooomanakker bird told me he has heard they are considering NLIS ear tags for chooks. It seems compliance enforcement and donations to the National party are the biggest problems with the Murray Darling Plan. Don't expect consensus any time soon, Palestine has been going on for at least 2,000  years. Our own Steph Cooke has quickly fallen into step. In supporting John Barilaro squandering 2 billion on Sydney stadiums Steph was quoted as saying it was wonderful for tourism and country people could travel to Sydney and enjoy the  facilities. What an extraordinary statement, where would you start to try and help?     

John Niven


Letter to Editor.

Letter to Editor.