For many Australians the festive season is one of joy and connection, where friendships and family are celebrated, food is shared and holiday plans are made. Yet for others, that sense of togetherness, warmth and belonging will not be felt, and rather an acute sense of loneliness will take hold. Christmas Day might be lunch for one, sleeping rough or spent with the paralysing uncertainty of not knowing where family is, after being separated because of war or conflict. There is hope. At Red Cross we’re there for people who have nobody else: calling and visiting, offering one-to-one support to those struggling with mental illness, or giving a warm welcome to those seeking safety from violence or persecution. A donation to Red Cross will also help us continue on our mission to work with half a million of the most socially excluded Australians to build the vital connections they need. You can help: redcross.org.au/act.

Jody Broun

Director NSW & ACT

Australian Red Cross

You can donate today.

You can donate today.