Letter to Editor

To the Editor,

In response to Col Minogue’s letter GR Friday November 3. (What about the horse pooh?)

1) Horse poo is manure it can be used on your gardens to grow vegetables or garden plants Dog poo cant do that !!! Maybe you should have gone and picked it up for you garden to avoid a "pootential accident" 

2) Horses were around well before cars were invented and they were the main mode of transport. No one complained of horse poo back then..

3) Horse poo wont hurt your car tyres if you run over it so its  ridiculous trying to dodge it.I don’t think your insurance would cover you for dodging horse poo.

4) Horses don’t poo on the footpaths or the kids playgrounds and is easily washed away or disintegrate after a while unlike dog poo.

5) If you are that concerned about it why don’t you form a poo patrol (seriously )

On behalf of all horse owners in the Weddin Shire


To the Editor,

You would think once ‘BITTEN’ (twice shy!!!) that one would learn from ones mistakes!!!  Apparently not me!!  About 18 months ago, when racing around as usual, doing my chicken necks ‘Pick Up’ from the butcher,  I foolishly left money openly exposed on my driver’s seat of my car.

Naturally it was easy picking for light fingers. Well I did it again!!!

This time it was my purse, racing around as usual at the back of the butchers, I left it exposed on the seat of my wagon. Whether it was the same person or not, I cannot say, however I was deeply upset and disturbed by the theft as the purse not only held my license and Bank cards as well as a friends personal papers, it also contained the last momentum of my dearly departed husband, which I was keeping for sentimental reason and which could not be replaced.... his driver’s license!!

The cards and my license and even my friends papers could be dealt with and cancelled, which I did immediately when I realized the theft had occurred. I was so distraught and upset by the incident it ruined my whole day and was accident prone! 

I do not know who the thief is ..but GOD does and what comes ‘round’ goes round! If you the thief are reading this letter now, be aware that you have stolen from an Old Age PENSIONER and a self Funded CHARITY!

So I could make ends meet for the fortnight I have had to delve into my Funeral Fund !. You are an extreme  sad Soul and words can not describe you, as for me... well hopefully I will remember to be more careful and I would advise Grenfell residents to make sure all windows and doors, both at home and the car are secured. How sad it is for our little town ship to be placed in the same circumstances as the big Cities, where nothing anymore seems to be sacred. 

The day however did end up with me having a gladdened heart as a very obliging gentleman found the discarded  purse laying on the footpath a few distant from my wagon, with money obviously gone but all other papers and cards intact including my David’s license. He trudged the Township in search of my friends as he knew I lived out of town.

Thankyou Peter Gee for being such a kind, thoughtful and responsible personal I cannot express my gratitude enough, except in my prayers.

GOD be with you and to you the thief I say GOD knows!!!

Biruta Swain – Grenfell


Letter to the Editor,

Forward your letters to ngaire.soley@fairfaxmedia.com.au or via the Record website or Facebook page, you can also drop them at the Record office 41 Main Street.

Forward your letters to ngaire.soley@fairfaxmedia.com.au or via the Record website or Facebook page, you can also drop them at the Record office 41 Main Street.

The HSC Exams have been completed for another year and the Year 12 students of The Henry Lawson High School now have a nervous wait until they receive their results. Once again, the students approach and attitude to the exams is a compliment to them, their families and school.

During the exams the students were punctual, polite, well prepared and enthusiastic.

On behalf of the supervising team, I would like to thank the students for their cooperation and wish them all the best with their results and whatever comes afterwards.

Also, too, thanks to the Grenfell Public School for providing a quiet and comfortable venue in which to conduct the exams.

Any community member who would like to be considered for employment as an exam supervisor in 2018 should contact the school.

Danny Kotel (HSC Presiding Officer)