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There was some great netball played between the ladies and gentleman in the first two rounds, for members of the community wishing to attend please feel free to call down to the courts on Thursday evenings, watch this space for weekly draws including game times.

Just a reminder to all teams that when you are on duty we ask you to be at the courts at 6.15pm to help set up so that the games can start on time.

Round 4 results – Thursday September 7

Last minute 22 def Mad Whooers 11

Young guns 33 def Wild Hogs 23

Netballas 12 def Vs & Ds 11

Round 5 draw – Thursday September 14

6:30pm Wild Hogs  v  Last Minute 

6:30pm Black Magic  v  NetBallas

6:30pm Duty Young Guns

7:30pm V's & D's  v  Young Guns

7:30pm Duty NetBallas

BYE: Mad Whooers

For further information contact Jordan on 0447 710 445 or Paige on 0438 438 458.

Grenfell Netball

Grenfell Netball