Grenfell Garden Club news

New members of the Garden Club executive committee following their AGM on August 1.
New members of the Garden Club executive committee following their AGM on August 1.

Grenfell Garden Club held its AGM on August 1 where vice-president Nina Roderick, on behalf of president Kathleen McCue, welcomed members and visitors. At the conclusion of the formal meeting Hugh Moffitt conducted the elections for the new executive with the following results:

Patrons: Rhona West and Corrie Drady

President: Chris Lobb

First Vice President: Jim Browne

Second Vice President: Margaret Bassett

Secretary: Sue Dunlop

Treasurer: Jennifer Wells

Publicity Officer: Jim Browne

Social Secretary:

Corrie Drady

Public Officer:

Jennifer Wells

Honorary Auditor:

Hugh Moffitt

Before introducing the guest speaker president Chris announced the winners of the annual awards: 

Most successful exhibition of blooms 2016/17: Eunice and Ron Huckel

Most successful exhibition of novelties 2016/17: Marge Cross

Guest speaker Geoff McClelland chose as his topic the history of water supply to Grenfell. He referred to the locations of several wells in the early days, through to tanks, both above and below ground, the construction of dams and pipelines to the town and a critical time of drought in 1944 which led to urgent government action. From there significant improvements have been made over the years with experiments and policy changes along the way.

The development of Rowlands Dam and the pipeline from Gooloogong to Grenfell followed in soon by the replacement of the old cast iron pipes in the town with pvc lining has virtually drought proofed Grenfell. Construction of a new larger capacity pvc pipeline is currently under way to replace the existing Gooloogong to Grenfell line. Geoff is well qualified to speak on this subject having been a member and deputy chairman of Central Tablelands Water for many years. 

President Chris thanked Geoff on behalf of the club members and presented him with a gift of appreciation. A report on the August meeting which followed the AGM will be published later.