Wessin Shire Mayor Mark Liebich's speech at the official announcement of the Grenfell Medical Centre funding allocation

Firstly I'd like to welcome our local federal member Michael McCormack and the Grenfell community. Ladies and Gentlemen, what a fantastic day for Weddin Shire. The nearly 5 years of waiting has resulted in success, our new Medical Centre will finally be built. Ladies and Gentlemen this Medical Centre has been my passion since being elected to council in 2012. I put in a Mayoral Minute to buy this block for the purpose of the medical centre and had 100% support from fellow Councillors. 

The block was purchased with the plan to provide outstanding health services to the community and also to give our local hospital more relevance, as everyone is aware we went through a long period of time where we didn't have a doctor visiting our hospital. It's not only just the matter of build and the doctors will come, but also build and they will stay. 

Following the purchase of the block we had concept plans drawn, we worked through these plans until we come up with the final outcome. This will turn our health services around for Weddin Shire, the new building will see 4 doctor’s consultation rooms, a practice nurse room and also dental facilities. Council understands that every time we travel to neighbouring towns to see a doctor we buy our pharmaceutical needs our groceries our hardware our gifts and so on, this medical centre will help to invigorate our local business. This site was chosen to help draw people into our Main Street, while at the same time replacing a tired building with a brand new heritage style building. The Medical Centre will smarten up the entry to our heritage Main St and help boost tourism. In regards to parking, a plan was submitted to the community for a parking trial in Short St. This will see parallel parking down the sides with centre cross street parking in the middle,  council has resolved to start the parking trial which will commence soon.

Your Weddin Shire council is in the process of preparing Grenfell for the future, this Medical Centre will make people want to come to Grenfell knowing there are excellent health facilities here. Your council has been working tirelessly, not only have we avoided amalgamation and remain Weddin Shire Council, we have just received $950k to complete our swimming pool project, we also have a New Ambulance Station that is coming, we also have a new Tafe building or Connected Learning Centre coming, we have also received nearly 9 million dollars for a new sewerage treatment works, and are now receiving the news of our new Medical Centre finally coming to fruition, this is definitely the icing on the cake. I would like to thank Weddin Shire Council staff and also my team of councillors for their tireless work, I would also like to acknowledge past councillors Geoff McClelland,Graham Halls, Nevin Hughes and Allan Griffiths for their work.

Now the moment you've been waiting for, I'd like to welcome our local Federal Member Michael McCormack, who incidentally has just flown into Sydney this morning from Belgium, he then hopped on another fight back to Wagga.

He has then driven from Wagga to Grenfell to make this announcement, this is one committed local Member which we we are very privileged to have. Ladies and Gentlemen please make Welcome our local federal member and Minister for small business Michael McCormack. Thankyou