Shane Parsons sent to prison for assault of woman

“You should rightly hang your head in shame,” Magistrate Michael O’Brien said to the defendant in Young Local Court as he sentenced the 41-year-old to more than 12 months in prison.

Shane Anthony Parsons of Young, formerly of Grenfell, will not be eligible for parole until November 11, 2017 for two charges of destroy or damage property and one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

“You appear to have learnt nothing from your experiences before the court,” Mr O’Brien said. “The facts that have been tended and to which you agree to, can only be described as the most outrageous assault on a person, in front of a child.”

Mr O’Brien said to Parsons that his behaviour was disgusting, unacceptable and ‘it beggars belief,’ that he would have so little empathy for someone he supposedly cares about.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Mr O’Brien asked. “Nothing your honor,” Parsons said before voicing his remorse and wish that he could change his actions.

“That’s what makes this type of offence so insidious and there was a young child present who will probably have what she saw and heard branded on her memory forever, it is something she will never forget,” Mr O’Brien said. ”And it’s not the first time you’ve behaved badly. You’re another person with an appalling criminal history going back to 1993, at 41 you certainly haven’t learnt from life’s experiences,” he ended.

Mr O’Brien said Parsons had told probation he wasn’t on his medication at the time of the assault as he hadn’t been able to obtain it.  Mr O’Brien showed his disgust by stating Parsons had no problems getting illicit drugs but the drugs he needs he can’t be bothered to get.

“After you were arrested your behaviour was an utter disgrace, the police station had to be cleaned out,” he said. “What have you got to say for yourself and don’t give me the word nothing.” Parsons didn’t respond. 

Parsons was arrested and charged after he assaulted his partner during an argument that escalated in their home, in front of the victim’s five-year-old daughter. He was then charged after he continually spat on the floor of the cell he was being held in rendering it inoperable and needing to be cleaned due to bio-hazard risks.

Court briefs.

Court briefs.