Grenfell bowlers selected for Zone 4 championships

CONGRATULATIONS to Grenfell bowlers Blake Bradtke and Steve Galvin on their selection in the Zone 4 side to compete against three other zones for the first leg of the State championships, to be played at Gulgong on the weekend of June 24/25. Along with Andrew Armstrong, Blake and Steve acquitted themselves well at the weekend when they represented Lachlan Valley in the Zone 4 12-a-side playoffs at Mudgee. Out of five games of 12 ends, their team won three and lost two, going down by just one shot in one of their losses and by four in the other.

Charity Bowls Day

It was pleasing to see 25 bowlers turn out on Saturday in support of the Grenfell Bowling Club’s Henry Lawson Festival Queen entrants Emily Cartwright and Xanthe Johnson. From all reports it was a great fun day with lots of smiling faces, good prizes and a successful fundraiser for Emily and Xanthe.

Social bowls

There’s nothing like pleasant winter sunshine to entice bowlers onto the greens, and this week saw 36 players take part in social bowls. On Wednesday, Jimmy Sparkes and Kerry Aston took home a chook each and John Dumbrell won the free game. Barry Bradtke, John Dumbrell and Keith Brus were the Wednesday chook winners, with Jimmy Sparkes winning the free game. Then on Sunday Nevin Hughes and John Dumbrell (yes, again) won chooks and Rob Chambers the free game voucher.

Harrison’s ‘Brevities’

Here’s some more advice and home-spun philosophy on our game by champion bowler of last century, the late RT (Dick) Harrison:

“In all walks of life – bowls included – there are people with an ever-ready negative for others opinions. They don’t make good administrators, selectors, or even players.”

“Confidence is something that hovers round every one of us, but is a very timid creature, and easily frightened away. Retaining confidence is an art.”

“Flukes, Wicks, rubs, and all their tributaries are the sparks that spring from the plugs of uncertainty. They dazzle us and frazzle the opposition.”

“Judging the shot at sight is a gift, and lamentably absent in many followers of the game. They don’t make good markers in singles matches.”


Popular bowlers Nevin Hughes and Kerry Aston will be all smiles when they learn they have taken out the bowls jackpot this week, winning a healthy $95 each. The required combination was +3 on end 8, on an even-numbered rink. Congratulations boys! Next week the jackpot will be worth $35.

The Biased Tiger



Our recent requests for more indoor bowlers made a difference last Friday evening when we actually had two full mats in play with one great club member helping out for the night, thank you Ted. The scores were fairly even with Mavis, John and Ted defeating Maureen, Marie and Ted 12-9. Tom, Mary and Pat had a draw on 13 all, it was great to be back to 12 players again.

On May 28 we held our district fundraiser with 43 bowlers taking part which was a wonderful turn out and by all appearances everybody had a wonderful day. This weekend our district players will travel to Wollongong for the Country Championships, good luck to all. Bowls will be on this Friday night, there will be a few away with festival commitments but we are hoping for a good roll-up.