Junior Soccer round-up

Under 6s

The Bumble Bees braved the chilly wind in Young last Saturday. A fantastic skills session preceded the match. The team was split to enable the payers to have as much ball time as possible. Penny Hughes was the standout forward, scoring an early goal. Great defense was held by Heidi Morley and Clementine Ryan, the inseparable pair. Natalia Amey ran a terrific match, managing to be wherever the ball was. Damien Lyons showed all his usual enthusiasm for the entire game. Henry Power was an exceptional attacking player, and Darcy Griffin showed improvement in all areas. Hayden Aspin was again the all rounder proving the theory that practice makes perfect.

Under 10s

Well just when we thought Junior Soccer would be called off due to the weather (May 21) we saw a fantastic day for soccer and a fantastic game from the Bee’s Knees U10s.

Our opponents were Trimech of Young and we knew it would be a close game. Harry and Amber were keen to get out there with the rest of the team picking up on their enthusiasm. Charlie was running late so Xanthe started at goalie and she was immediately into action, along with the backs Dylan and Lachie had a great half repelling many Trimech attacks. Sophie H, Harry and Amber were able to offload some great passes to the forward line. Sophie B, Charlie and Noah had a few opportunties but couldn’t execute them. The team was playing well and went to half time with a 2-0 score to Trimech. The team came out firing in the second half with Harry Forde shooting one into the back of the net making the score 2-1, Trimech then returned scoring another 3 goals making the final score 5-1. Well done Bee’s Knees, a great game of soccer.

U17s players take on Young in a recent match at Lawson Oval.

U17s players take on Young in a recent match at Lawson Oval.

Under 17s 

Under the bright Autumn sun, Grenfell Strikers took to the field to face the rough and tough Forbes BWR Wanderers. From the starting whistle, the backs of Shannon Best, Ethan Skinner, Paige Hughes and new member, Chris Heatley, proved to be a dynamic team, hindering Forbes’ BWR Wanderers movement towards the goal with several offsides called. Kate Amery showed off her talent in goals, saving many tricky shots and keeping the score nil all. The forwards of Ethan Eyles and Connor Day displayed excellent team work, with Conner able to slide in the first goal of the game. Forbes were quick to respond and evened the score. Grenfell continued to display effective passing, keeping Forbes on their toes and pressuring the goal until half time.

Grenfell and Forbes took to the field again for the second half. After a tense back and forth of Grenfell and Forbes possession, BWR Wanderers were able to score two quick goals despite superb defence of goalie Aydan Eyles. Both teams continued to be evenly matched with Andrew and Paige in midfields throwing themselves into the game, hassling the Forbes players, despite their commitment to the debutante ball later that night. Aiden Skinner proved a tough opponent of Forbes, working to get the ball from the midfield to the forwards, with Andrew unlucky to score. Paige, Josh Pargeter and Connor continued to pressure the Forbes goal. In the final minutes of the game, Connor tucked the ball into the top left corner of the goal to bring the score to Strikers: 2, BWR Wanderers: 3.