Get to know the Weddin candidates: Chad White

What made you want to stand for election?

I have now been living in the Weddin Shire for 5 years, to which I call home.

My reason to have nominated for council election, is to give back to the community, as to what they have given myself in return. With that being, support, strength, guidance, trust, and honesty.

I feel the Weddin Shire Community deserves all the above, and I would be proud to advocate on their behalf and support the community in any which way they see fit.

Over the last 5 years, I have helped the community in so many ways, as current being the vice president for The Henry Lawson Festival of Arts for the last two years, I have also sat on other community groups/organizations as a board member.

I have also and still provided support and education on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention to the whole of community.

I feel I have the knowledge and understanding of the Weddin Shire communities needs and concerns, from speaking and listening to community members, 'if elected', I will strive to have these needs and concerns met to the best of my ability. These needs and concerns raised, has helped me form the decision, that our community deserves for their voices to be heard and acted upon with action, 'because if we don't, we will see the population of the Weddin Shire start to deteriorate'.

What would you like to see change?

I would like to see more funding pushed into our villages, for recreational, tourism, economic development, and sustainability for our villages.

I would like to see more incentives for our youth such as a youth center, youth council, more employment and education opportunities.

I would like to see council assist and support our local existing services, and community groups.

I would like to see more incentives for our rate payers, and whole of community

What has been your biggest challenge in life?

We have all faced many challenges in our life's, I feel the biggest challenge I have faced, is the sea change. Moving from Wollongong to Grenfell, was my biggest challenge, as the lifestyle I was accustomed to, was completely different to the one I have grown to love. Grenfell is a place where you are known and acknowledged, whether it be hello, someone giving you a helping hand or reaching out to you, it gives you a sense of belonging, as to being in the city your just another face, and you don't encounter this hospitality shown from the residents of the Weddin Shire in the city.

How do we encourage more women to stand for Council?

In these times today, we are all equal, women have shown they can do the job just as well as any man.

I encourage all women race or sexuality to stand for council, as they are a huge asset to our community, and can provide guidance and support to the community, for that sustainability we require.

What needs to be done to encourage residents aged 18 to 40 years of age to stand?

Encouragement, we all have dreams and hope, we all have visions on how our community should look, or what it needs, share these dreams and visions, speak your words, you will find that there is a lot of encouragement in the community, and people with the same dreams and visions.

Don't be afraid, speak with past and present councilors, educate yourself of the structure, responsibilities, and the role of a councillor, they are only happy to help and support.

What are the rewards of being a local government representative?

Standing behind your words and delivering on the needs and concerns of the community, to be apart of the change moving forward into the future, and having the trust and support of your community, and knowing you have helped make a difference into the lives and future of the residents of the Weddin Shire.

What will be the biggest challenge, in your opinion, for the next council?

I feel the biggest challenge for the new elected councilors, will be working off the same page and putting their egos and differences aside. Understanding that they are here on behalf of the community and not for their own benefits.

Repairing the trust back into the community of the councillors is a concern after recent events of some previous councillors, 'which I hope not to witness again', as I seen this as some school yard behavior, and this was discriminative to our Shire.

Chad White will be standing in this weekend's Local Government election. Photo: Supplied

Chad White will be standing in this weekend's Local Government election. Photo: Supplied