Main Street renewal slowed down

Acting Director of Engineering Linda Wood has said that work on the Main Street renewal project has slowed due to 'contractor availability' in the Weddin Shire Council ordinary meeting last week.

According to her report to Council for note Mrs Wood said "a lack of contractor availability has slowed works on the Main Street Renewal."

The report read: The new critical path to delivery is the placement of the kerb and gutter; this is preventing the commencement of pavement works. The agreement between Council and the initial concreting contractor was ended and, as such a skilled replacement had to be found. This proved difficult during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and the delays pushed construction milestones back. A new concreting contractor has now been engaged and the placement of kerb and gutter has commenced.

During the ordinary meeting on October 21, 2021 Councillors with a declared interest in the project left the room before Cr Carly Brown requested a discussion on the upgrade.

The acting Director gave a run down of work that had been completed and work that is expected to be conducted over the coming weeks.

Cr McKellar then questioned Mrs Wood.

"Are we on track for Christmas completion?" he asked.

"At this stage we're hoping yes," Mrs Wood said. "I'd like to guarantee that, but I can't.

"I'm not going to guarantee something I can't guarantee but that is the plan depending on whether we have contractor availability."

The acting Director then conceded that not all the work was likely to be completed by Christmas.

"The asphalt at this stage probably won't be done until after Christmas because we have to wait until the whole of the main street has been completed before we can come through with the AC (asphalt) in one go, so that potentially won't be done until after Christmas."

Mrs Wood explained that the road would be sealed temporarily before Christmas to reduce dust, however that would be dug up and replaced as the project nears completion for the gardens as well as the final asphalt seal.

According to the new timeline presented as part of the acting Director's report the new handover date is expected to be in December.

"The new timeline has been amended with the completion date now being forecast for December. This allows minimal further contingency for inclement weather," the acting Director's report read.

Work commenced on the renewal on Tuesday December 22, 2020.