Grenfell Show Society granted rate relief from Council

At Weddin Shire Council's ordinary meeting on October 21, Council agreed to a 75 per cent rate rebate for sewage charges after two years of not being able to hold a show.

Correspondence from Grenell PAH&I Association asked Council to consider a 25 per cent rebate or reduction of its sewage rates, however Councillors asked that it be changed to 75 per cent due to the lack of ability to hold a show or fundraise due to the COVID situation.

Cr Liebich was absent from the room as the matter was discussed due to his position on the Show Society committee.

Deputy Mayor Paul Best took the chair after Cr Liebich left the room. The original recommendation to Council was that they agree to the 25 per cent rebate, however Cr McKellar asked to speak on the matter.

"I would like to speak on it," he said. "I think due to COVID we should try a bit harder and perhaps 75 per cent might be more applicable.

"They haven't been able to do any fundraising and they've missed two shows in a row, so I thought we should try and help them amend it a bit."

Cr Diprose asked that it be specified that it is a one off reduction due to COVID.

Cr Parlett seconded the motion before councillors unanimously passed that the one off 75 per cent rebate be initiated to help the Show Society who have had a tough two years.