Live exporters suspended from Jordan slaughter facility

Live exporters suspended from Jordan slaughter facility

Australia has suspended livestock exports to an approved slaughter and handling facility in Jordan, after reports of non-compliances.

The government received the complaint from a third-party on July 28 and Livestock Shipping Services confirmed the non-compliance occurred on July 20.

LSS said the Eid festival period saw increased movement and handling of livestock, and it conducted a rigorous Eid management plan to reinforce obligations for Australian animals under the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System.

Once advised of the non-compliance LSS immediately suspended all slaughter and sales at the facility and started an extensive investigation.

LSS is currently working with local authorities to remove all the remaining sheep from the facility and relocate them to an approved feedlot.

Loading of the sheep will be overseen by the company to ensure animal handling and transport meets ESCAS requirements.

"Jordan has embraced ESCAS and made significant improvements in animal welfare practice," a company spokesperson said.

"A rigorous training program will be implemented into that facility before sheep will return to ensure that it is of the standard that is required of the facilities LSS supplies to.

"We believe that we have significantly improved welfare outcomes for both Australian and local livestock with our presence and support in this market, and this non-compliance further highlights the ongoing importance of Australian involvement in the market to uphold ESCAS and animal welfare standards.

"LSS is committed to ESCAS compliance and has invested significantly in all markets it exports to and will continue to do so.

"By investing in people and training this not only improves animal welfare outcomes for Australian livestock but also livestock imported from other countries and local livestock.

"We know there is always more to be done and we will continue to invest in our supply chains."

LSS said it was committed to understanding why the facility operated in a non-compliant way and rectifying the issue.

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