Letter to the editor: Main Street concerns

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my dismay at the Grenfell Main St debacle.

I think we deserve to be advised about the progress/lack of progress with this project.

Business owners, local residents and visitors are all struggling to cope with potholes, dust, mud, lack of parking spaces and disruption to traffic.

We have no knowledge of how much longer this project is going to impact on the town.

A particular concern is the Main St intersection with the Mid Western Highway at the Railway Hotel.

Approaching from West Wyalong, the Roadwork Ahead sign and the orange net indicate that there is no entry to Main Street.

Locals know that there is a single lane, barely wide enough for a car, bordered by witches hats, orange net, new concrete kerb (that has all been dug up because it was obviously totally wrong) and a "garden" bed full of weeds.

Each Wednesday Weddin Shire Council publishes a full page of "NEWS" in the Grenfell Record but there is absolutely no reference to the Main Street work.

Surely some of that page could be used to provide an update without us having to go searching for some obscure Council website.

What about some decent signage at each end of the Main Street, apologising for the disruption and delays, possible date of completion and estimated cost?

Please let us know what is happening!

Yours faithfully,

Pam Livingstone

Letter to the editor.

Letter to the editor.

Concerned resident