Drivers caught out during road safety operation in Grenfell

Road safety operation in Grenfell area late last month.
Road safety operation in Grenfell area late last month.

Sixteen speeding fines were issued to drivers in the Grenfell area in a three day period at the end of the April.

Grenfell police and Young highway patrol conducted a three-day road safety operation from Thursday, April 22 to Saturday, April 24.

The traffic operation was a result of safety concerns raised from the community.

Two P1 drivers were allegedly caught 45km/hr above the speed limit and a total of 16 drivers were issued fines for speeding.

Police made one arrest for mid-range drink driving.

Another driver was caught with cannabis and methamphetamine in their system, police say.

Ten infringements were issued to drivers in the Grenfell area for a range of offences including mobile phone use, drive unlicensed, drive suspended, drive unregistered vehicle.

Police thanked the community for raising concerns with them.

"Across the Hilltops and Weddin local government areas, local police will continue to work alone and in partnership with Highway Patrol, Crime Teams and the Southern Traffic Group to deter traffic offences, speeding and impaired driving," Young Sector police inspector Jacob Reeves said.

"We thank the community for sharing their concerns with us and we will continue to be responsive to the needs of our towns and communities."

Full list of results:

  • 1 mid-range PCA charge
  • 1 positive roadside drug test - methamphetamine and cannabis
  • 2 exceed speed over 45km/h infringements issued to P1 plate drivers
  • 16 exceed speed offences in total
  • 1 mobile phone infringement notice
  • 1 unlicensed driver infringement notice
  • 1 suspended driver charge
  • 1 notice of suspension
  • 4 other infringements
  • 1 unregistered vehicle infringement notice
  • 1 defect