Locals not happy with the state of local footpaths and council gardens

Locals took to Facebook last week to vent about what is going on with the upkeep of the footpaths and Council kept gardens in Grenfell.

The post that is no longer on the community group page racked up more than 58 comments, the majority of which were complaints about the state of the Council kept gardens and footpaths.

"How bads (sic) the parks and gardens around town. Overgrown grass, weeds even down the main st," the initial post read.

"Disgusting," one local simply replied.

"Yes, I have to agree the gardens compared to other towns are terrible," another stated.

One parent said the issue was an ongoing one.

"My kids have to walk on the road to get to the bus stop because of the overgrown grass and cat heads, it's an ongoing issue and I have to write to Council ever time, it's so frustrating," another commented. "If it's a dedicated bus stop it should be taken care of."

Some locals suggested the bringing back of the 'work for the dole' program where people looking for work or on a Government payment could do the work.

"Agree, people on the dole should work for it and there is work to be done," a local said.

Another local complained about the work that had been conducted near their place.

"I shouldn't say this but some mowing was done down our way yesterday and my 6 year old grandson would have done a better job!"

It wasn't just the footpaths that were being taken issue with either.

"I've been noticing the roundabout near the Council chambers," another commented. "As an entry point to town this should surely be kept up and tidy? I understand there is not enough staff on at the moment and mowing is an on going thing and to be honest there are still a lot of places that need almost constant mowing and maintenance."

The person even composed solutions for the problem: "1. get contractors in to do a tidy up. 2. Employ more parks and gardens staff."

The latest post was one of many which have appeared in the past 12 months.