Weddin Shire Council backs Women's Day Weddin event

Weddin Shire Council approved donating money to the upcoming Women's Day event to be held locally with three Councillors attending the function.

During the February meeting of Weddin Shire Council correspondence from Lorien Well, submitting an application for support for the inaugural Women's Day Event to be held Sunday 21 March 2021.

"It will be a very good event coming up in March," General Manager Glen Carroll said.

Councillors agreed wholeheartedly to providing the requested $1000 to go towards the event with Cr Carly Brown asking for permission to write and thank the organisers for hosting the event and everything it stands for.

"I would like to write to Denise and to Kim and thank them for their initiative because it's good to see when our women in leadership and health and fitness out there and supporting other women in the community and I think they should be thanked," Cr Brown said.

Mr Carroll agreed asking Council to nominate both Cr Carly Brown and Cr Jan Parlett to attend the event.

"Mr Mayor perhaps we should nominate two reps perhaps Cr Brown and Cr Parlett to go representing Council?"

Cr Brown said that she would be more than happy to represent Council when she attended the event, however felt that the Mayor should also attend and show his support.

Mayor Mark Liebich expressed concerns for only women being requested to attend.

"I know they did mention it in there about being female representatives," Mayor Liebich said.

During a conversation about the show of support Cr Liebich's attendance would provide Mayor Liebich admitted he would be happy to attend the event to not only show his support of local women but to also represent Weddin Shire Council.

"I'm happy to do that, that's fine," he said.

The recommendation with the added addendum of the thank you letter and Councillor's attendance was moved by Cr Brown and seconded by Cr Parlett.

The motion was then moved unanimously by Councillors.