Grenfell Lions Club want your old reading glasses

The Grenfell Lions Club are calling on locals to donate their old prescription glasses and sunglasses for recycling to third world countries.

Grenfell Lions and Lions Australia have a target of 500,000 pairs of glasses per annum and this is currently being attained with excellent input from our 19 Lions Districts in Australia and from Lions Clubs in Japan.

The glasses are cleaned, graded and packed by prisoners in four jails in Queensland.

The glasses are then distributed throughout third world countries to those who need them most, making the life changing difference of being able to see the world through generosity.

Donate your old glasses to Grenfell Lions Club.

Donate your old glasses to Grenfell Lions Club.

This is a Humanitarian Package of over $500 million dollars by the Lions of Australia and Japan for the people of the third world; simply WE SERVE.

Used spectacles can be left with any Lion or phone Grenfell Lions Club president Terry Carroll on 63431574 and he will be only too happy to pick them up, or they may be left at the Grenfell Pharmacy.