Weddin Whispers: Exhibition opens in Grenfell | Photos

GRENFELL ART GALLERY: The first exhibition for 2021, "The Art of Lockdown" by Grenfell Artists Inc, opened on January 15.

The exhibition is a wonderful display of work done by these talented artists, including Judith Spedding, Lorraine Seery, Lynell Reeves, Di Franks, Heather Holzhauser, Wendy Hawthorne, Neva Napier, Kathryn Williams and Paul McKnight,

The gallery is open daily Monday to Friday 10am -4pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm and Sunday 10am - 2pm

NATURE: The adaptability of Nature's creatures is amazing and this pair of Laughing Kookaburras is proof of their ability to survive against the odds. The local couple have been nesting in an air vent at the top of the Royal Hotel building and have successfully raised two offspring since August. 2020.

The second baby fledged this week and took its first flight from the top of the pub to the "keep left" sign at the roundabout. It was an exhausting trip for the youngster, so it spent a few hours resting before flying back home for a late breakfast of fresh mouse, personally delivered by one of its parents.

Isn't Nature amazing? Who thinks we should have a naming competition for the little fella? "Royal" seems appropriate, don't you think?

Jenn Graham is a regular contributor to the "You know you're from Grenfell and District if" Facebook page with her beautiful photographs and outstanding stories - The above story was just too good not to be shared with everyone. Thank you, Jenn.

VISITING HOME: Susie Taylor was home visiting her dad Bob Taylor at "Hazeldene", her sister Gabby Capra, her brother Rob and their families.

Whilst home she caught up with school friend Michelle Rohan and Dom as well as former work mate and great friend Leanne Livingstone when they worked together at the Grenfell Pharmacy. The group enjoyed an evening out to dinner at the Criterion Hotel.

Susie's sister Sallyann was also home visiting the family.

AUSTRALIA DAY: Weddin Shire Australia Day Presentation of awards will take place on Tuesday in the Grenfell Bowling Club commencing at 9.30am

Awards will be presented for Citizen of the Year, Senior Citizen of the Year, Community Event/Organisation of the Year, Community Achievement awards and Student achievement awards for all schools in the shire.

Students from THLHS, ST Joseph's and GPS will recite a poem followed by a guest speaker.

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent Public Health Order restrictions on gatherings and movement, Council has decided that attendance at this year's ceremony will be limited out of an abundance of caution in protecting our community against the risk of COVID-19. Priority is being given to family and friends of Award nominees so as to allow this exciting occasion to be shared whilst maintaining a safe number of total attendees at the ceremony. Phone Auburn Carr with your contact details before 4:00pm today Friday 22 January 2021 via Ph: (02) 6343 2855 if you wish to attend, bearing in mind it may already be filled. The villages of Greenethorpe and Quandialla will have their own Australia Day Celebrations and awards.

LIONS CHRISTMAS PARTY: The Grenfell Lions Club members enjoyed a Christmas Party with a difference in 2020.

The group left Grenfell around 10.30am on Sunday December 13, travelled by bus to Gooloogong Markets. After browsing the markets, they travelled on towards Cowra and stopped at Farley's Beach on the Lachlan River for a beautiful picnic lunch.

Thanks to Lion Barry Franklin and his offsiders Lions Lady Valma and their daughter Joanne for organizing the beautiful Christmas fare and the Lions families who supplied the deserts.

Thanks to Paul and Natasha Best for their air-conditioned bus and our bus driver Joanne Franklin for their support. A great time was had by all.

SINCERE SYMPATHY: Sincere sympathy is extended to families who have lost loved ones recently, including Shirley Margaret Turner, Elaine Cawthorne, Michael Nealon, Glenda Cooper (Caragabal) and former resident Sgt Raymond C Robinson (retired) who passed away early this week. Ray will be remembered as being a Police Constable at Caragabal before moving into Grenfell. He was a member/brother of the "Thin Blue Liners" and organised many Blue Liners Motor Bike Rides to Grenfell over the years. He was to be in Grenfell yesterday with good friend Bill Eyles to meet with the Lions Club to organize their bi-annual bike ride which is to be held in March.

As it has been difficult for many to attend funerals during the isolation/numbers period and you would like to have the eulogy of your loved one printed in the Grenfell Record, just email/contact me and I will forward it on.