Grenfell still has cheapest petrol in the region

According to the NSW Government Fuel Check website Grenfell remains to be the cheapest place to purchase fuel across the region with prices around 20 cents a litre lower than other towns.

As of Thursday morning in Grenfell the price of E10 according to Fuel Check sat at 99.9 cents a litre at both the Metro and Lachlan Fertilisers and 109.9 cents per litre at the Enhance.

The price for E10 was only 2 cents per litre more expensive than the cheapest fuel in the entire state on Thursday.

Compared to prices in Young where the cheapest fuel was 118.9 cents a litre at the Metro, 121.9 at the Caltex Woolworths in Cowra and 123.9 cents per litre at the Caltex Woolworths, Shell and Caltex in Forbes, Grenfell residents should be very happy with what they are paying at the pump.

Unleaded 91 for locals on Thursday was 107.9 at the Metro in Grenfell, 110.9 at Lachlan Fertilisers, 111.9 cents per litre at South West Fuels in Grenfell, 114.9 cents per litre at the Enhance and 123.9 at the South West Fuels depot at Quandialla.

The cheapest Unleaded 91 price in Young was 120.9 cents a litre at the Metro, in Cowra it was 119.5 at both the Shell and United and in Forbes 119.9 at the Metro.

For motorists who use Premium 98 they were looking at paying 126.9 at the Grenfell Metro, 126.9 at South West Fuels in Grenfell and 132.9 cents per litre at the Enhance.

Across the region residents paid at least 140.9 at the Metro in Young, 140.5 at the United in Cowra and 144.9 at Nicholson Petroleum in Forbes.

Diesel in Grenfell was 116.9 cents per litre at Lachlan Fertilisers and South West Fuels, 121.9 cents at the Enhance and 124.9 at South West Fuels in Quandialla.

Over in Young motorists were paying a minimum of 124.9 cents per litre at the Metro, in Cowra drivers paid 123.9 at the United and in Forbes 120.9.

Premium Diesel in Grenfell on Thursday, though higher than last month was still cheapest across the region with the Metro charging 114.9 cents per litre, compared to the minimum of 124.9 being charged at Caltex Woolworths in Cowra, 120.9 at the Metro in Forbes and 126.9 cents per litre at Westside Petroleum, Metro and Caltex Woolworths in Young.

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