Snail mail detectives in Woodstock try to unlock postal puzzle

The letter which arrived at the Woodstock Post Office last week.

The letter which arrived at the Woodstock Post Office last week.

A post office owner in a small NSW village has a mystery to solve - and has asked cyberspace for help.

Denise Norbury says it's not unusual for the tiny post office at Woodstock, near Cowra in the central west of NSW, to receive random letters.

The most recent was a letter addressed to "Dad or Dad & Rich, 2 ICAN Rd, 2793".

Ms Norbury has posted a photograph of the letter on the post office's Facebook page with the message: "Please help find this other info on envelope, no origin stamp etc....please share everywhere !! Get it viral and we'll find him somewhere!"

The Facebook post has already been shared more than 1700 times and generated more than 100 comments.

"All the local detectives have given their ideas about what it could be," Ms Norbury said regarding the letter's intended destination.

"They're all hard at work, but perhaps we need the help of Sherlock Holmes.

"I've had everything suggested, including it could be a child's writing or even an adult who can't write very well," she sad.

The way the & is written, one such "detective" suggests, indicates an aged person has addressed the letter.

Another says "It's a kid for sure, it says dad ... as a kid I always used &".

Frustratingly for Ms Norbury ,the place of origin stamp on the letter is unclear.

"Sometimes this can help, especially if the origin is a small town," she said.

This aside Ms Norbury remains hopeful of finding the intended recipient of the letter.

"We do get these types of letter from time to time, frequently out here people will send mail addressed to just mum and dad or pop.

"Last year I chased up one addressed to Pop. When I went to that address it was no longer occupied."

Despite the obvious challenges, Ms Norbury remains hopeful the letter does end up in an unclaimed mail file.