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Grenfell Pony Club hit the trails

Grenfell Pony Club hit the trails on Sunday September 20 for another fun filled rally day.

Lilly, Annabelle, Georgia, Adelaide, Emily and birthday girl Alice enjoyed a leisurely ride to Company Dam from the showground.

This trail ride was a first for many of our little riders, and the hills were a shock to the system for some of our small riders from the flats of Caragabal west.

Lilly did a great job managing her fresh horse on the tracks.

The children were all very brave navigating some of the steep declines the comps dam tracks had to offer.

We stopped at Company Dam for a much needed break - the adults leading the ponies needed it most.

The children enjoyed some birthday cupcakes for Alice's 4th birthday and a play around the dam.

When it came time to mount back up the sky opened up and the rain came pouring down on us.

This did not thrill the ponies or children very much!

Once the rain subsided we got back on track and rode the 2.5km back to the showground.

All our riders did a fabulous job and we were very proud of them all.

Grenfell Pony Club will be holding an extra rally day in the school holidays on Wednesday September 30 with a guest instructor.

Ashleigh Leibeck

Riders head to Harden this weekend

Riders from Grenfell will join others from across Zone 2 this weekend at the Harden Pony Club Gymkhana.

The number of entries have been capped at 60 due to COVID-19 restrictions, however that hasn't stopped locals from eagerly jumping on and entering the comp.

Grenfell Women's Bowling Club

On Thursday September 17 Judy McAlister and Rosemary Walter did the draw for the Club Singles and Pairs.

The Singles are as follows:

Julie Wood vs Sharyn Bradtke

Rosemary Walter vs Judy McAlister

Sandy Paine vs Joy Wood

Sue Gault has a Bye.

In the Pairs:

Sandy Paine and Rosemary Walter vs Joy Murray and Julie Wood

Judy McAlister and Sue Gault vs Sharyn Bradtke and Lyn Galvin

Please arrange your game with your opposition and notify Rosemary so she can attend. Thank you.

There were two social games played on the day. Joy Murray and Julie Wood played Quentin Murray and Mark McSpadden. A win to Mark and Quent. In the other game Martino Lascala and Rosemary Walter played Alex Arentsen and Ray Walter.

A very lucky win to Martino and Rosemary and Ray a win of the meat tray. On again on Thursday with all welcome, men and women, players and learners. Come along and enjoy a game and the company and possibly win a a meat tray from the draw. Rosemary Walter

Grenfell Pony Club had a fantastic time out and about on Sunday at their rally day. Photo: Grenfell Pony Club.

Grenfell Pony Club had a fantastic time out and about on Sunday at their rally day. Photo: Grenfell Pony Club.