Education week 2020 at Grenfell Public

Grenfell Public School was one of many public schools across the state who celebrated all things education last week.

Students, teachers, staff as well as family and friends acknowledged the accomplishments children in public education have made so far this year.

Education Week was held from August 3-7 for NSW public schools with the theme of 'Learning Together'.

This is certainly a central theme for all that we do at Grenfell Public!

We have all had to rethink how we share and celebrate our work this year and we thought it was fitting to do this through our beautiful Education Week video, put together by Miss Forfar.

The video showcased all the ways that students were able to continue their 'Learning Together' even though, at times, they were physically apart.

Congratulations to all the students who received Education Week awards at Stage Assemblies on Friday.

Teachers have been so proud of the way students have shown their resilience and perseverance in their approach to learning this year and this was also the theme for the awards.

Thank you again to Miss Forfar for what was a very successful Book Fair.

Despite the restrictions, our families continued to support our Book Fair and we now have many new books to add to the school library.