Library Lines: Hours are back to normal

Phase 3 hours and restrictions

As of Tuesday 4 August, the library will be going back to normal hours.

Please note that this does not change any of the other restrictions due to the increase of cases across the state and more travellers in the area.

The remaining sections will be released when we feel it is safe to do so.

With the Gallery now reopened could you please learn to stop and read the signs as you enter and pass through the Hub as restrictions have changed and there are limitations on the number of people allowed in each section.

The library is also registered as a COVID safe business.

This means that we have a completed safety plan that has been updated when restrictions have been modified, that the library is a safe and clean environment with physical distancing and staff wellbeing implemented.

This includes asking all members who visit the library to use the hand sanitiser upon entry and exit.

Please read carefully as there are changes to hours and services provided.

The Library will proceed to the next phase if no issues occur in the previous phase.

Phase 2

Opening Hours: Tues - Fri 10.30 - 12.30 and 3 - 5. Sat 9.30 - 12.

Allowed: loans and returns, limited computers.

Restricted: study, newspaper areas and toy collection, Storytime and group activities.

Date: June 30.

Phase 3

Opening hours: Back to normal hours, Tues - Fri 10.30 - 12.30 and 1.30 - 5. Sat 9.30 - 12.

Allowed: loans and returns, limited computers.

Restricted: study, newspaper areas and toy collection, Storytime and group activities.

Date: August 4.

Book reviewers

I am looking for book reviewers of the Book Week shortlisted titles.

Kids can borrow and read these titles if they review them for us all.

This can be in the form of a written, picture, or video review.

I look forward to seeing your imagination come alive.

New Facebook group: What are you reading?

2020 has changed the way we live our lives, but our love of reading and our communities is still going strong.

I would love to learn about what you are reading, be it an old favourite, a new discovery, eBook, audiobook, whatever you have access to!

Share your books in a post of your own, or comment on others. There have been some great recommendations for authors and new titles.

Why not join us?

Are you looking for something different to read and are struggling to get into the library?

Why not try out indyreads™. indyreads™ provides access to a statewide collection of independent Australian and international titles, classic literature, and modern award-winning titles in eBook and eAudio format thanks to the State Library of NSW.

Access is free as part of your membership.

Are you missing Storytime?

Use it as a bedtime tale, a facilitator for discussion in the classroom, a complement to library Storytime, or a read aloud model - the choice is yours.

No matter what the reason for your visit to Story Box Library, we help children journey to that most uniquely precious place, the wilds of their own imagination.

Our stories have been selected with children of pre-school and primary age in mind. Stories have been broken down into the following categories: Pre-school (3 - 5 years); Lower Primary (5 - 7 years); Middle Primary (8 - 10 years) and Upper Primary (10 - 12 years).