Million dollar boom

A lot of work has been carried out at Lawson Oval through funding received.
A lot of work has been carried out at Lawson Oval through funding received.

Weddin Shire Council has completed millions of dollars worth of projects funded through the second round of the NSW Government's Stronger Country Communities Fund and the Drought Communities Program.

"It's a great result," council general manager Glenn Carroll said.

Under round 3 of the Stronger Country Communities funding Council is carrying out works on Bogolong Dam and the main street.

Mayor Mark Liebich agreed the work carried out to date has been invaluable to the shire.

"It's great to see all of that money coming into the community," Mayor Mark Liebich said during the July meeting of Weddin Shire Council.

"That's fantastic," he said.

The funding under round 2 of the Stronger Country Communities program went towards:

  • Lawson Park Amenities renewal $820,000.
  • Lawson Park Spectator facility $110,000.
  • Lawson Park Fitness Circuit $50,000.
  • Bogolong Dam site access and water upgrade $110,000.
  • Grenfell Squash Courts $62,500.
  • Rugby Union upgrade and renewal $101,040.
  • Caragabal Country Club $150,000.
  • Quandialla Pool $84,000.
  • Grenfell Tennis courts $50,424

"That's great for those clubs within our community," Cr Liebich said.

Council has also completed works funded through the Drought Communities Program.

Under this program the council received a further $1 million in funds.

"Once again a lot of projects and all using local contractors," general manager Glenn Carroll told councillors.

"Another million dollars of projects in the community," Cr Liebich added.

The projects funded were:

  • Weddin Mountain Muster stables $81,769.09.
  • Taylor Park disabled toilets $200,000.
  • Grenfell Showground portable grandstands $30,000.
  • Netball Court upgrade $113,045.50.
  • Grenfell Country Club tennis courts $80,806.91.
  • Greenethorpe Memorial Hall upgrade $50,648.55.
  • Caragabal Memorial Hall upgrade $52,355.50.
  • Quandialla Memorial Hall upgrade $59,000.82.
  • Grenfell Pre-school green space project $31,146.64.
  • Grenfell Rugby Club light poles $44,740.
  • Grenfell Soccer Club house extension $40,000.
  • Bembrick Oval watering system $82,463.59.
  • Quandialla water highflow standpipe $52,011.70.
  • Grenfell water standpipe $52,011.70.
  • Caragabal Village water repairs $30,000.

Under an extension of the Drought Communities Program Weddin Shire picked up a further $1 million in funding.

Works in this program need to be completed by December 31 this year.

The Council has allocated this money to carry out the following projects:

  • Grenfell Main Street upgrade $200,000.
  • Leash free dog area $100,000.
  • Quandialla Hall painting $36,750.
  • Grenfell Kart Club upgrade $80,000.
  • Company Dan facilities upgrade $100,000.
  • Caragabal Country Club multi purpose shed $31,500.
  • Restoration of heritage signage $50,000.
  • Bogolong Dam upgrade $100,000.
  • Grenfell racecourse toilet block $105,000.
  • Caragabal historic signage, etc $25,000.
  • Civic sign at Railway Park $10,000.
  • Other events support $50,000.
  • Railway Park sealing $30,000.
  • Grenfell Aquatic Centre shade area $30,650.
  • Henry Lawson Oval top dressing $30,000.
  • Art gallery curtain cleaning $8,500.
  • Scout Hall air conditioning $12,600.

"Another million dollars worth of projects," Cr Liebich said.

"Thank you to the Federal Government for the grant stimulus packages."

Cr Paul Best also noted the significance of the funding to the Weddin Shire.

"It has never happened before, this amount of money that we've been able to help get out into the community," he said.

"It's been terrific, in two pages (of the council report) we've got millions of dollars worth of projects going on all over the shire, it's just incredible," he said.

"Well done to the council and the staff and the state and federal goverments," mayor Liebich said.

"It's been a great team effort with councillors and staff working together and also the community as well. It's just tremendous for the community," Mr Carroll added.