Cath and Mark say a fond farewell

In just five years, Majors Cathryn and Mark Williamson have made a name for themselves across three different communities, started projects which became implemented nation wide and made friends they will never forget.

But now, they must bid a fond farewell to Grenfell and Cowra.

The Salvation Army officers, who have worked across Grenfell, Cowra and Canowindra, will mark their last day with a farewell on Easter Monday on April 13.

"We're disappointed that we're leaving, we're going to miss Grenfell but that's what we signed up for," Cathryn said.

"When the Salvation Army says "you are appointed to somewhere else", then we need to follow that and we need to go."

And the region's loss will be Grafton's gain.

"We're off to Grafton, but we'll also be responsible for Maclean and we need to be there by April 20," Cathryn said. "So we need to pack our house up and we need to do our goodbyes and we need to get to Grafton."

Cathryn said she has come to love living in a rural community.

"If you had of asked me even 15 years ago, would I enjoy living in the country? I would have said no, but we've loved living in Cowra," she said. "It's a very friendly community that we've got fairly involved in and we are fairly visible in the community, so lots of people know us and we have lots of great conversations wherever we are."

Cathryn said the area had provided them the opportunity to begin a number of projects, get involved with the community and further their skills.

"We've appreciated everything that we've been able to do in a smaller community and I do love living in the country," she said.

Cath and Mark Williamson.

Cath and Mark Williamson.