Eleventh hour decision hands title to Grenfell

Valleys players celebrating their successful entry into the B Grade final.
Valleys players celebrating their successful entry into the B Grade final.

A last minute decision has changed the outcome of the Cowra District Cricket B Grade premiership to an outright win for Grenfell.

It had been previously decided to award a joint premiership but in a Facebook post on Thursday afternoon that decision had been changed.

"The decision of Joint Premiers has been met with support and disagreement," the post from President Greg Garlick read.

"Therefore after consultation with other executive Grenfell are awarded the Premiership for the 19/20 season by being first into the GF, Valleys Cricket Club are runners up.

"The decision of Joint premiers was put forward to certain club delegates before the major semi, there was no comment or dispute at that time which is why the decision was originally made.

"I encourage in future years when communication is made about possible rule changes that the feelings and thoughts of Club delegates are expressed at that point.

"Joint premiers decision was discussed and idea raised before Valleys lost the semi, I did this to exclude myself from any club bias.

"Unfortunately several people have connected me with that. Both Valleys and Grenfell finished on equal points at the end of season," the post continued.

Garlick also flagged in the post that he would be standing down from his position as President.

"At this point I will be stepping down as CDCA President, I will announce and Chair an AGM in mid July so there is time to rally or think about taking on the position," the post said.

"If no one puts their hand up, I will not take on the job.

"Please note that Grenfell players and delegates were not the individuals disputing the decision. I do not wish this post or change of decision to be a reflection on those people or their club.

"Thanks to all who have helped me the last few years," he said.

Previously part of the joint decision had been the interference from coronavirus.

"It's an interesting circumstance I doubt a grand final has ever been held under these conditions," he said in an interview with the Cowra Guardian on Tuesday.

"Weather is a part of cricket, if it rains or heat affects it, they are conditions you play in and deal with all the time. Whereas this isn't.

"I don't think it was fair for either side who have both beaten each other throughout the year to lose a grand final outside the normal conditions we face," he said.