A bird's-eye-view of the Masked Woodswallow with Jenn Graham | Video

There are six species of Woodswallow native to Australia and five have been observed in the Weddin Shire.

Masked Woodswallows are a pretty, medium-sized bird (18-20cm). They're fast moving and spend hours circling and feeding in the air, catching and eating insects on the wing. They have a Honeyeaters brush-tipped tongue, which makes it possible for them to vary their diet with nectar. Masked Woodswallows need to drink regularly and are migratory, so they fly from north to south to breed from August to December, preferably after heavy rainfall. They're messy nest builders and sometimes can't be bothered at all, so they renovate old, discarded Magpie nests.

There were three different varieties of Woodswallow in this Silky Oak (White-browed, White-breasted and Masked) and it was an extremely windy day, so I sat and watched (and videoed) them through the car window.