Filmmakers return to pitch bushranger prequel

The filmmakers who brought us The Legend of Ben Hall are looking at a return to the region, to tell the story of the man who led him into the bushranger life

Matthew Holmes from Two Tone Pictures says they're pitching a script for a prequel - The Legend of Frank Gardiner - in Hollywood now.

Gardiner, he says, was the mastermind behind the Escort Rock gold robbery and really the mentor to Hall and Johnny Gilbert.

Even as support for The Legend of Ben Hall gained momentum and the project became a feature-length film, Holmes and the team knew "there was more to explore" from these men's stories.

And as The Legend of Ben Hall screened across the world, with particularly good reception in the United States, their next project has taken shape.

"We're really making good traction on it," Holmes said.

"The script is written. Many of the cast of Ben Hall will be reprising their roles.

"We've got some new producers on board.

"We're out there chasing the finance, we have people in LA taking the project around."

There are also some exciting new signings for the additional lead roles - but those have to remain under wraps for now.

What's exciting about the new venture is that it won't just feature the stories of this country, it will feature much more of the local landscape.

"What's really exciting about this story is it's so Forbes-centric," Holmes said.

To recreate the Forbes of the gold rush era, to film in the Weddin Mountains, around Eugowra and the district.

"These are all the real places where these events happened," Holmes said.

"There's no better place to make it than Forbes."

Should it all come to fruition, and it's certainly looking a very real possibility, it will require extras, set builders and more.

"I can see it being a very big community event and project," Holmes said.

The Legend of Ben Hall premiered in Forbes in November 2016 and has since screened in 22 countries and won numerous industry awards.

That film launched from a community crowd-funding campaign and the success of that took it from a 30-minute documentary to a feature length film.

Anyone interested in investing in this film is welcome to contact Mr Holmes for an information pack via email

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