Gunyah and Combined Pensioners ready for Christmas

All members and contributors of the Gunyah Craft Shop are welcome and invited to attend the meeting at the shop on Wednesday 11th December at 1.30pm.

Christmas will be here soon and we have a variety of items at reasonable prices that are suitable gifts for all ages.

Paintings by a local artist have been marked down to half price. Hand made shopping bags to replace the plastic, there are various sizes. Quite a few mens gifts. Beautifully made dolls clothes in various sizes and knitted animals for your little girls and boys.

Home cooked Christmas Cakes are now available and selling quickly.

For the busy Mums and Dads, we help by having a good variety of home cooked jams, pickles, cakes biscuits and slices. As always we have fresh eggs and seasonal produce.

Please feel free to come in and browse.

We open seven days a week, please note we now have a new phone no. 0497 118 456.

Combined Pensioners and Superannuates

CPSA members please note our next meeting will be at 11am Wednesday 11th December at the Melyra Street meeting room.

After the meeting we will by holding our Christmas Party.

We will then be in recess until February 2020.

Margaret. Ph 63431237.

Gunyah Craft Shop have plenty of gifts for this Christmas season.

Gunyah Craft Shop have plenty of gifts for this Christmas season.