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Grenfell PROBUS news

Grenfell meeting of Probus opened at 10.15 am on a very pleasant day.

Last month's minutes were read by our secretary for the day.

Ruth McKellar followed the minutes with the correspondence.

The treasurers report was read by Brian McDonald reporting cash of 59 members for the day.

Please take note that the Probus news is now published in the Wednesday paper of the week before the meeting.

Our Christmas meeting will be held at 12 for 12.30 pm on Monday December 9 at the Country Club and the cost is $20.

Please bring this amount to the November meeting in a named envelope.

At the end of business we settled down to listen to Marc McLeish.

We went on a very interesting journey on the Kokoda Track, Port Moresby and the cemetery.

When Marc was finished he, and the TV operator, were presented with a gift in appreciation.

Meeting closed at 12.05pm.

Next Meeting November 18.

Morning Tea Roster

Meg Makin, Barbara Bean, Helen Watt, Judy Mitton

Door Roster

Meg Makin, Barbara Bean

PROBUS: Marc McLeish, after his Kokoda Trail presentation with President Ron Huckel.

PROBUS: Marc McLeish, after his Kokoda Trail presentation with President Ron Huckel.

Royal Far West Grenfell Branch news

Royal Far West members thank the Grenfell community who purchased tickets in the "Manly Holiday Raffle" this was drawn on November 6 by Denise Makin.

Yellow Ticket no: 008690 was held by a very surprised and delighted Pam Pearce.

A huge thank you to all who purchased tickets, our country children will certainly benefit from your generosity.

Margaret Cuddihy.

WINNER: The lucky recipient of the Royal Far West Raffle was Pam Pearce.

WINNER: The lucky recipient of the Royal Far West Raffle was Pam Pearce.

Digital connectivity consultations held in Grenfell

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke today attended a digital connectivity workshop at the Grenfell Visitors Centre.

The workshop was one of a series of consultations being carried out across the state under the NSW Government $400 million Connect Regional NSW Program to better understand the different connectivity issues faced by each community.

Ms Cooke said it is wonderful to have the consultations carried out here in the Cootamundra electorate with workshops being held in Grenfell and Grong Grong.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for the Grenfell community to voice their concerns about the connectivity issues that we experience here in the bush," Ms Cooke said.

"The sessions were well attended, with a number of participants discussing how the current internet and mobile connectivity service affects not only their day-to-day lives, but also the broader impact it has on the community.

"I would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend the consultation sessions as this is such an important step in helping bring about better mobile phone and internet services."

The Connect Regional NSW Program will help to deliver faster internet speeds, better mobile phone coverage and a potential future of 5G connectivity for regional NSW. Furthermore, it will build data hubs and invest in better internet connectivity.

For more information, please visit https://www.nsw.gov.au/improving-nsw/regional- nsw/snowy-hydro-legacy-fund/regional-digital-connectivity-program/.

Grenfell Nats happy with dinner

The Grenfell Branch of the NSW Nationals were very pleased with their November 1 dinner with Steph Cooke, MP as guest speaker.

50 local supporters attended the function at the Grenfell Country Club, where they enjoyed a delicious two-course meal and convivial company.

Before the meal was served, Steph spoke extensively on a range of current political matters, with the drought obviously having received significant mention.

Other topics, among many, in the discussion included:

  • human resources availability for the aged and disabled care sector;
  • the effects of the drought on rural town businesses; and
  • the local LEP which was said to be affecting the supply of suitable, desirable rural residential building blocks.

The evening provided the opportunity for some of those present, who had not previously met Ms Cooke or hear her speak, to do so.

At the conclusion of the night, and post-event, feedback to the organisers was centred on how pleased they were that they had attended.

Jan McLelland

Bottles for the bush

To coincide with the start of National Recycling Week, TOMRA is launching a nationwide appeal for Aussies to donate their empty drink bottles and cans to help rural families struggling with drought and bushfires.

The TOMRA Bottles for the Bush recycling appeal aims to raise $250,000 for Rural Aid this summer. Every eligible drink bottle or can donated through a Return and Earn Reverse Vending Machine in NSW, will raise 10 cents towards drought and bushfire relief. TOMRA's goal is to assist in raising $250,000 by late-February with funds raised going towards the delivery of hay, water, live stock feed and food supplies.

"With 99 per cent of NSW officially in drought and 53 per cent of the State already in high fire danger, we felt compelled to do our bit for those living in areas most impacted. If we can encourage people to donate some of their drink containers in our cities, and thereby provide much needed funds to our farmers and rural communities, that's going to make a positive difference," TOMRA President Ryan Buzzell said.

Recyclers will have the option to donate their container refund via all TOMRA recycling machines by simply selecting Bottles for the Bush, with Rural Aid the recipient of 10 cents per eligible bottle or can.

"Based on the popularity of Return and Earn in NSW, which currently receives millions of returned containers every day, we are optimistic Australians can help us reach our goal of 2.5 million containers over the summer," Mr Buzzell said.

Rural Aid Spokesperson, Craig Marsh said he was grateful to TOMRA for supporting Rural Aid's work assisting our farmers and rural communities who are struggling, on many levels, through this record-breaking drought.

"Many of us living in a thriving city environment can find it difficult to comprehend the extent of the drought," Mr Marsh said.

"The realities of Australia's harsh conditions and natural disasters are devastating for our farmers on many levels. It's not only the farmers that are affected - businesses, both large and small, that support the farmers and the rural communities also feel the economic effects."

Environment Minister Matt Kean said that the success of the NSW Government's Return and Earn program in tackling litter means we can provide more support to farmers during the drought.

"Our farmers are doing it tough at the moment and what better way to help than by reducing litter in NSW at the same time," Mr Kean said.

The campaign will run until 23 February 2020. Go to www.bottlesforthebush.org.au or pledge your support or for more information.