Weddin Whispers | ELWYN HAS TURNED 90!

WELCOME FR PRAVEEN: Fr Praveen Paul has been appointed Associate Pastor to the Parishes of Young, Boorowa and St Joseph's Grenfell.

Fr Praveen who celebrated his 40th birthday on October 23, together with Fr James Onoja, Parish Pastor have been in the Diocese for four years. Fr Praveen from India, who has been working in Tuggeranong Parish commenced his ministry in the Young Mission on September 28, 2019.

VISITING HOME: George Hampton was over the moon when sons Allan from Sydney and Murray from Mareeba, Queensland as well as grandson Ben Hampton arrived for a short visit.

Ben, who previously played with Melbourne Storm now resides in Townsville where he is a utility player for the Cowboys. He has signed a further two year contract with the Cowboys. Ben, who was born in Temora, has not been to Grenfell since he was 10. Murray and wife Megan operate the Mareeba Caravan Park and love it when visitors from the Grenfell/Young area call in.

FORMER RESIDENTS: Allan, son of Cecil and Iris Bladen and grandson of Bert left Grenfell in 1972. With his wife Helen he returned for the weekend October 26/27 to visit the famous Heesco painted silos.

They enjoyed their stay at the Lions Park at the station and visited the Lions Market Day and BBQ. They had a great time catching up and reliving memories from yesteryear with Joan Eppelstun who went to school with some of the family.


A special dinner with friends and family was held at the Happy Inn for Elwyn Turner's 90th Birthday on Wednesday October 30.

Those present were his wife Shirley, sons Rod and Mike and daughter-in-law Chris from Wollongong, other relatives were Elwyn's nieces Joan Bolton and son Grant, Betty Abbott and son Laurie, Jill Norris and cousin Joan Eppelstun, (who supplied the decorations as well as making the lovely cake) and good friends Gwen Lowe and Ron and Jan McLelland.

Elwyn's Memories.

Having lived in Grenfell for 83 years, after relocating from Forbes at the age of seven, he has many fond memories of his life in Grenfell. Anyone who visits their home invariably learns something from him about those times!

He recalls riding his pony down to Crowe's Butchery in West Street, which was formerly: Atkin's and Crowe's every Saturday morning to buy meat for the family. Also, of the challenge - it was to get there before Mr Val Bailey arrived with his horse and sulky to not only buy meat for his own family, but also to buy for the other residents living in Star Gully!

He would pull a heavy home-made cart with iron wheels down to the Ice works owned by Mr Williams in Wood Street to buy four big blocks of ice, to cart back to the cottage in the Show ground where he lived with his extended family.

The Ice works was later used by Bill Dun for storing baled hay to sell through the Produce Department of Tresilian and Dun.

He remembers buying bread at Cornish & Davies' Bakery in George Street, next to the Salvation Army Hall on Sunday afternoons.

He also recalls Ron Pfeiffer's Bicycle Works in lower Main Street, where Tresilian and Dun's Electrical shop was situated in the later years. Also, the Tandem bike, which was hired out, becoming a regular sight with the riders pedalling up and down the Main Street.

He rode his bike to school, but unfortunately, did not get to ride it home at lunch time! The' 'borrower ' was never identified, but the bike was always there for Elwyn to ride home after School!

He helped his brother George load sample baskets on to the horse lorry to cart from the Railway Station for delivery to the sample rooms in George Street where the Commercial Travellers would open the baskets to display the goods for buyers to choose from and place their orders. The baskets would then be transported back to the train and the orders would be duly sent to the Buyers. This building was taken over by Eric Hald in the later years.

His 38 years of working in a well-stocked and busy Hardware Store at the lower end of Main Street, was interesting, and resulted in him acquiring a detailed knowledge of hardware; it was heavy work for a young boy in the earlier years. The rapport he had with the customers and his colleagues, have always remained in his memory. Most items were sold separately or by weight, so stocktaking was a long and arduous task, which took weeks to complete.

Spaull's Dry Cleaners were regular customers, with a member of their staff, Freddie Downey coming into the shop 'every' morning to buy a new handle for the axe they used to split the wood for the Boiler! Unfortunately, the day did not end there for Elwyn. He had many jobs to attend to after work as well as during his holidays; such as minding cattle out and helping with the many tasks involved with the caretaking at the Showground.

Coming Events

  • November 3 Can Assist Barefoot Bowls and Melbourne Cup Calcutta
  • November 5 Melbourne Cup Lunches - Red Cross, Can Assist Yellow Day and Quandialla Hall Fundraiser.
  • November 10 Rotary Markets - Taylor Park
  • November 11 Remembrance Day Service 10.40am at Memorial Park/Cenotaph
  • November 13 White Ribbon Day March

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