Alexi Scouts awards doing Grenfell proud

Alexi Hunter (centre).

Alexi Hunter (centre).

Cub Scout Alexi Hunter from 1st Grenfell Scout Group was recently a finalist in the Scout the Year Award and while she didn't win she certainly deserved her place among the award finalists.

Alexi travelled to the Baden-Powell Scout Centre at Pennant Hills in Sydney on Saturday, September 28 for the awards ceremony.

Among the guests at the ceremony were Scouts Australia NSW Chief Commissioner Neville Tomkins OAM JP, Scouts Chief Commissioner of Australia, Phil Harrison, and Deputy Chief Commissioner Luke Saunders.

Eleven-year-old Alexi, lives and breathes the Scout promise of caring and contributing to the community - and does so with initiative and passion.

She has always put others before herself.

After watching a show about a child her own age with cancer, Alexi independently researched how she could help sick kids feel better.

Alexi could have chosen many other ways to raise the money that researchers so desperately need, but she decided to stand in solidarity with those living with blood cancer by donating her hair as a wig to help with their day-to-day life and boost their confidence.

She had a whopping 55cm of her hair cut off, turning her statement long locks into a very short bob.

Her hair was donated to Sustainable Salons who made these wigs for people living with blood cancer.

With an initial target of $500 set, Alexi began fundraising in her community, utilising her school and local Cub Scout group to rally support.

In doing so, she played a large part in the community and became a role model for many - young and old.

Alexi spent a lot of time dedicated to her cause, and by the time she was ready for her Greatest Shave, she'd blown her target out of the water, raising a fantastic $1,600 to the cause and showing everyone how small people can do big things when they set their mind to it.

Alexi's fundraising raised more than enough to provide free transport to people too ill to drive after their chemotherapy treatment for two whole weeks, and her donated hair went to creating wigs for people to wear while being treated with chemotherapy.

Both acts will help to change people's lives for the better.

The Leukaemia Foundation began the World's Greatest Shave 22 years ago, aiming to provide people with blood cancer the support they need.

A person shaving their head looks to emotionally and practically support someone living with blood cancer by providing them with a wig to wear while their hair cannot grow.

Their fundraising also helps drive advancements in research.

Anyone donating to the cause is helping more than 110,000 Australians currently living with blood cancer, and 41 more Australians are diagnosed each day.

From empathy and selflessness to proactiveness and dedication, Alexi shows at just 11 years old, a number of highly desirable qualities.

These resonate highly with the Scouting Promise and Law, where Scouts are asked to do their best, care for others, and contribute to the community.

Alexi passionately follows and actively practises these promises and her admirable qualities can now inspire others in the community to be the change they want to see in the world - no matter how young they are!