A bird's-eye-view of Cockatiels with Jenn Graham | Video

Cockatiels are fascinating to watch and are small members of the cockatoo family.

They have a crest which they use to communicate fear, anger or breeding interest and although they have a distinctive call, it's definitely nothing like that of their larger cousins!

I've seen groups of up to thirty of these pretty native parakeets in the Weddin, feeding on plants and grasses by the side of the road and their diet also consists of fruit, berries and flowers.

Like so many of our native birds, Cockatiels are monogamous and stay with their partner between breedings.

They have a lifespan of between sixteen and twenty-five years, and in captivity have been known to live for over thirty.

(Pardon the camera-shake, it was a very windy day and they were waaay up high.)