Managing native vegetation before, during and after bushfire season

With the Bush Fire Danger Period (BFDP) starting early in some parts of NSW, Local Land Services is helping landholders with advice on native vegetation management and bushfires.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has announced 12 local government areas have entered the BFDP ahead of the official start to the fire season on October 1.

"With bushfires a potential threat in some of the drier parts of the state, it is good idea for landholders to look at their options for managing native vegetation on farm," said Andrew Davidson, Sustainable Land Management officer from Local Land Services.

"As a volunteer fire fighter, I have experienced the impact of bushfires first-hand and know how important it is for landholders to have the right information and advice," he said.

Local Land Services has a set of fact sheets on managing native vegetation to prepare for bushfires, during a bushfire emergency and after an emergency has passed.

Landholders wanting to prepare for bushfires have a range of options available to them, including clearing vegetation to protect rural infrastructure which does not require approval from Local Land Services because it is listed in the 'allowable activities' provisions.

If a bushfire is underway that threatens people, animals or property, landholders can remove native vegetation if directed by the NSW Rural Fire Service for emergency firefighting or emergency hazard reduction.

When a bushfire has passed and the clean-up is underway, landholders have options such as removing fallen timber that is on the ground and lopping parts of fire-damaged trees, whilst maintaining the integrity of the live tree.

At any time landholders can also consider their options for managing native vegetation for safety, productivity and the environment under the Land Management Framework.

"Depending on the circumstances, different rules apply so come talk to us at Local Land Services and we can provide individual advice," Mr Davidson said.

Three fact sheets on bushfires and native vegetation management are downloadable on the Local Land Services web site at under 'Fact sheets':

  • Managing native vegetation to prepare for bushfires
  • Managing native vegetation during a bushfire emergency
  • Managing native vegetation after a bushfire emergency