A bird's-eye-view of the Zebra Finch with Jenn Graham | video

Zebra Finches are tiny (12cm/4") and the males are colourful with a distinctive call that you hear well in advance of seeing them. Only the males sing and each male has an individual song, with the sons learning their father's songs and then singing them with a slight variation.

These fascinating little birds build two nests - a nest for roosting, where the family huddle together to keep warm, and a nest for breeding and the laying of eggs. Breeding takes place after rain, but too much rain can be detrimental because the breeding nest they build doesn't protect the eggs properly and the birds will then abandon them.

Zebra Finches have a short lifespan of around five years and are found throughout mainland Australia, particularly in arid areas. I see them frequently in the Weddin Shire at all my favourite haunts!